Bird Flu Detected in South Dakota Dairy Herd

Bird Flu Detected in South Dakota Dairy Herd

Bird Flu Detected in South Dakota Dairy Herd

Adding to the growing number of states with positive cases, a South Dakota dairy herd has been confirmed to have highly pathogenic avian influenza. This brings the total to eight states affected by the virus in livestock.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory confirmed the test results earlier this week.

This comes as several states enact restrictions on dairy cattle imports to control the avian influenza spread.

South Dakota Dairy Producers urge close monitoring of herds and contacting veterinarians if cattle show symptoms, according to a Thursday statement from Marv Post, chairman of the organization.

“The USDA reiterates that pasteurization eliminates the virus, ensuring milk and dairy products remain safe for consumption,” Post said.

While research on the H5N1 strain’s transmission to dairy cattle continues, initial cases seem treatable and non-lethal. Around eight cows at an Idaho dairy farm contracted the virus last week after being transported from Texas.

They displayed symptoms like reduced milk production with a thicker consistency, but have since been isolated and treated according to Boise State Public Radio:

“Their recovery appears promising,” Rick Naerebout, CEO of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association, told the radio station. “They haven’t had symptomatic cattle for almost a week now, and their feed intake and milk production are back to normal. It seems everything is headed in the right direction.”

The USDA is actively tracking avian influenza cases in dairy herds across multiple states. Since Tuesday, new detections have been reported in Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, and South Dakota (as of April 12).