Nigeria’s Growing Vegan Movement

Nigeria's Growing Vegan Movement

Nigeria’s Growing Vegan Movement

While veganism remains uncommon in Nigeria, a dedicated community is spreading awareness about its environmental benefits. This is achieved through festivals, cooking demos, and social media.

Local Vegan Festivals:

  • Naija Vegan Festival: Promotes plant-based diets through food vendors, speakers, and cooking demos.
  • Lagos Goes Vegan Conference: A 2019 event that attracted both vegans and curious attendees.
  • Vegfest Nigeria: A popular annual event that encourages sustainable food practices.


  • Only 0.2% of Nigerians are vegetarians (no meat, but dairy is okay).
  • The Middle East and Africa have a combined vegan population of about 6%.
  • Traditional Nigerian dishes often feature meat, making widespread vegan adoption less likely.

World Vegan Day:

  • Celebrated globally on November 1st.
  • A time for vegans and potential vegans to learn about sustainability and enjoy vegan food.
  • Established in the UK over 30 years ago.

The Future of Veganism in Nigeria:

Though the number of vegans is low compared to countries like the UK, Nigeria is witnessing a growing interest in this lifestyle. The dedication of local advocates suggests a potential rise in veganism in the future.